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Acrylic, Brass, and Stainless Steel Engraving

At Double O Laser, Inc., we provide companies with the finest stainless steel engraving and acrylic signs in Edgewood, New Mexico. Our team is ready to create your custom sign today.

Engraved Numbers and Letters

Professional Engraving and Marking

At Double O Laser, Inc., we are focused on providing commercial clients with the finest stainless steel, brass, acrylic, and aluminum products for engraving. Our products can be used anywhere from desks and cubicles to walls and corridors or for personal and floor identifications. We create:

• Identification Tags
• Panel Tags
• PLC Nameplates
• SCADA Identification Tags
• Ring Tags

304 Stainless Steel

We offer 304 stainless steel in many sizes and configurations, all customized to meet your needs and adhere to ASTM A193 specifications. Some sample sizes include:

• 1" x 2.5" • 1" x 3" • 2" x 4" • 3" x 5" • 2" x 7"

316 Stainless Steel

Our team produces ASTM A1943 adherent 316 stainless steel made to your specifications. Allow three to four weeks for manufacturing. Some common sizes include:

• .75" x 2.5" • 1" x 2" • 2" x 4"

Stainless Steel

Every stainless steel tag and sign we produce meets ASTM A240 specifications. We offer brushed and stain finished 430 stainless steel in both .029" and .050" thicknesses.


All brass products use type C26000 (260) brass that meets ASTM B36 specifications. Everything is laser engraved, not stamped.


When it comes to acrylic products, our team takes pride in providing you with the best examples. We produce acrylic items in a wide variety of colors and styles, with front and reverse engraving.

Full-Color Signs

Double O Laser, Inc., produces a variety of full-color name badges, tags, and signage in acrylic, phenolic, aluminum, and steel. All are made to your specific requirements.


We offer 5052 (H32) (which meets ASTM B209 specifications) and 6062 (T6) anodized aluminum. We have six colors available, from black lacquer coated engraves to gold and silver.


Our team is proud to offer a wide variety of products, in addition to our aluminum, steel, and acrylic items. The selection includes:

• Bead Chains
• Stainless Wire
• Two Sided Tape Including Holes
• U-Drive and Phillips Screws To Attach Tags
• Rotary Engraving for Cylindrical Objects Up To 9" In Diameter

New Products

Double O Laser, Inc. is continuously expanding its selection. New items coming in the future include pipe makers and ductwork labels.